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Joining the 10 Bagger Club is proving to be the best decision I’ve made in years. The investment opportunities are far superior to anything I have been able to identify on my own and the rewards of being a club member are already mounting up even in the short time I've been a member.

—  Stewart Harrison  28/06/2021

I have joined in March 2021. I found quality and valuable information about the 10 Bagger Club and members chat info. The information is quality compared to Hotcopper or Twitter. I also had bite with portphilippublsihing, next-investor and motley fool. I like the Discord way as its bit interactive rather than blast with reports. The members give analysis and views which is great. More quality info the better this is I like it as its genuine retail people hunting rather then some institution back agenda.

—  SunnyBrissy  23/06/2021

A brilliant innovative club especially for keen investors, retired or still working - but who are nonetheless amateurs and don’t have time, contacts, skills or knowledge to adequate perform their own research. In my direct experience, a skills, experience a d research led club which is 100% not a pump club let alone a pump and dump club. Through this scheme I have invested in a range of ten bag and associated multi-bag stock picks on the ASX, operating in diverse markets including Brazil, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, China as well as Australia. The companies are engaged in diverse business areas from mining of rare and other metals (manganese, tungsten, nickel, copper, gold, etc.) to potash fertiliser, to gas to better welding technology and milk products. Some are more speculative - others just needed a helping hand with investment and marketing. My returns in just 5 months range up to 300% but in many accounts I am now very well set and anticipating even larger returns in coming months.

—  Phuketpete  24/06/2021

10 Bagger Club has provided exceptional information, research and recommendations on many investments and I only joined just under 3 months ago! My portfolio value has already increased by 78% and I am on track to have my most successful 12 months of trading in the last 20 years. These guys are not "all show no go" stock "pumpers" which there are plenty of out there. I can honestly say these guys are long-term focused and the real deal. Here's to early retirement… 😎🥂

—  Spark  23/06/2021

I joined this club in 2021 and wish I had joined it sooner. The value gained from participating in this group is second to none. As a premium investment forum you absolutely benefit from the shared thoughts and analysis of similarly minded individual members. The club offers a broad range of member views across diverse investment categories and helps each member build on their own knowledge and expertise. The club attracts people with substantial industry, business, and finance experience. This is not a platform for quick recommendations or casual chatting. Members prefer to think and respond with thoughtful answers and contributions after putting in the time to understand the investment topics discussed. Members are responsible for making their own investment decisions but do so with the benefit of the shared views and discussions of this outstanding group. Absolutely a Strong Buy.

—  Brad Leonard  23/06/2021

I have been trading and broking in various markets since I left school and with over 25 years of experience I appreciate the value of membership here, the results speak for themselves! My portfolio consists of only a few of these calls which I liked the story of and thus far am up to over 300% of original stake, so UP over 200% in 2021 and I believe these stocks are at the beginning and have big upside from here! Anyone wanting to take the hard work out of all the research should join imo.

—  Paul Over - Previously dealing in Futures/Options/Derivatives in London and Singapore  24/06/2021

Some folks use knowledge as power and try to keep it for themselves… at 10 Bagger Club, everyone has been very helpful and provided as much knowledge and information as they can. It is a refreshing change in the investment community.

—  jaws  23/06/2021

The 10 Bagger Club has helped me start a new life. Working 16 hours a day I was becoming a bad father and husband. I threw a secure job away and started trading then I found the club, it’s helping me learn about a financial world that I have no background in. My conviction is strong, I have dimond hands and my office is now a park bench with an ocean view.

—  MX  24/06/2021

The research is very good and has helped me loads in picking winners. To also know 10 baggers are buying and creating liquidity in a fundamentally good stock.

—  Lovinder Barn  24/06/2021

Although I was unsure about joining with regards to the legitimacy of the club, I very soon realised it is totally above board and run by very generous and talented people. I consider myself very privileged to be a member.

—  Fr.Randall  23/06/2021

Been a member here for a couple of months, wish I heard about it earlier. Came in late for their first 10+ calls and almost all have gone 10x some 30x. Not knowing how genuine this club was at first I put some play money in, wish I didn't only put play money in, 130% up in a coupe of months on one call and 200% up on another call in two weeks. Their older calls still have room to run and have added some money their as well. The guys running the club are fantastic and answer any question you ask of them and help you understand things when you don’t. Glad to be part of it and will be part of it for as long as they run it.

—  Oktwist  23/06/2021

I’ve joined this club to learn more about 10-bagging and all the various ins and outs. Have made some small investments as I’m learning. What I find amazing about this is the generosity of the team, the sharing, and the sense, that even though I’m a novice/newb, I’ve been treated as an equal. I never feel pressured to invest and I know my investment is my decision. Win or lose I’ve got access to much more information and many resources than I would otherwise have.

—  GregD  27/06/2021

I love the honesty and passion of the committee members with there hard work and passion for the group. Every member is on a level playing field regardless of being a sophisticated investor or not

—  ennis85  24/06/2021

The 10 Bagger Club is a community unlike any other that I am aware of, the quality and range of resources, analysis and insight available from members across multiple sectors from mining to crypto creates a wealth of opportunity for members to make informed and potentially life changing investment decisions.

—  Ironwood  23/06/2021

Been fun and interesting reading the threads and opportunities created. Contributed a little that hopefully helped some. Looking forward to more ten bagger calls.

—  Dave Philipsen   29/06/2021

I’ve only been a member for 2-3 months, not a massive investor ($20-$30k per share) at the moment but what I have been involved in and read had been great and already made some good returns.

—  Russ  28/06/2021

10 Bagger Club is the real deal with an impressive record in its short history. The power brokers here have the network and the knowledge to put together deals that multiply quickly in sharp time frames. It’s a wealth builder.

—  HVH  25/06/2021

As a new member I have already made some small investments in the recommended stocks. While I have not yet had the chance to make any money out of these picks, I am more than happy with my decision to join the club. I love the discussions between members, I love the information sharing, I love that the club has increased my learning curve exponentially. It feels like a club and it makes me want to be able to give back and become a valued member. The best investment I have made to date.

—  Birdman  24/06/2021

As a new investor taking every bit of information in that I can, I am so grateful at being given the opportunity to be a part of this club. I’m only small fish, but thanks to the incredible work from the great minds in the 10 Bagger Club, I dream of one day being able to call myself a sophisticated investor. I have learnt so much already, and I sincerely hope I can continue to be a member well into the future.

—  costak7  24/06/2021

I am in my mid-twenties and have only become interested in stock trading in the last 18 months. The 10 bagger club has been a great resource that has enabled me to understand the concepts of how to look at companies and take more decisive action on what to look for when investing. It has become a part of my daily life to check information shared by the founders and all of the members on all stocks (even ones that I am not investing in).

—  cowboybrews  24/06/2021

I have loved being part of the 10 Bagger community. As someone new to investing, I find the community very informative and supportive. It is such a diverse group of people with a range of expertise. Look forward to many more years with the club.

—  Kiwi Cam  23/06/2021

It’s been an absolute pleasure since I've joined. The amount of knowledge across the group is phenomenal and I'm becoming a better investor with each day I'm in the group.

—  Sausage  23/06/2021

The Club disregards the conventional passive approach to investing/funds allocation and identifies specific companies that are small, have a strong business case supported by above average present value analysis and good growth prospects. In the recent past this has been mainly in the resources sector however there are some exceptions.

—  KevinT  23/06/2021

The problem with small/micro caps today is an asymmetry of information. Analysts don't follow them and mountebanks (charlatan’s) abound. If you want to outperform the market according to Fama/French invest in smaller companies. But which ones? Everyone knows something about something, and some of the 10BC members have incredible contacts and knowledge of industries and the executives. How do you mitigate losses? - find better information flows. I think 10BC provides a forum that encourages information sharing and minimising of bad investment calls.

—  Blair Perrin  23/06/2021

I belong to several different investment newsletters and discords, but the Ten Bagger Club is very different. They are real investors, but with professional background and experience in trading/investing and they know what they are doing. We all want the ten bag tips, but what is so unique about this group is that they share their expertise in a way that helps a regular investor understand the sectors, stocks and criteria that go into identifying a great stock. They patiently explain anything you ask about and you always know where they stand. Much learning, much earning, and very interesting to be part of this group.

—  No Name  29/06/2021

Great club happy I found the club learning a lot just a beginner in the stock market

—  MichaelD  25/06/2021

As somebody with little experience in investing before joining the club, I have learned a lot in the 6 months since. Seeing how stocks are picked and the though process behind the calls has been a eye opener. Couldn’t be happier with my decision to join.

—  JC85  24/06/2021

Only been a member for 1 month so can’t give anything yet on a successful ten bagger but the commitment from the Committee is clearly there for all to see and the depth of knowledge and experience of numerous members is very evident. Industry contacts are broad and offers great early insight. Numerous members willing to share their own research to the benefit of all. It does have a club atmosphere and a very positive feel.

—  Neil_R  24/06/2021

Just join up it will be the best investment you ever make. It’s a game changer. The committee guys are awesome, genuine and trustworthy. I feel extremely privileged to be a member. Catch you on the inside.

—  Meterie   23/06/2021

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