Diamond Rok: Video Updates April 2023

The latest updates from Diamond Rok’s Kamfersdam Diamond Mine.

Recap of Progress at Kamfersdam Diamond Mine

Initial installation of perimeter fence and internal secured work area and first site offices.

Aerial View of the Kamfersdam Diamond Mine

Drone footage showing the site in early March 2023, with the perimeter security fence now installed.

Eyal Continues The Site Tour

Finding bonus kimberlite rocks under the ground and making a whole new stockpile, ready for the arrival of the subcontractors

Eyal Discusses the Kimberlite Rocks

Eyal explaining where we are finding the new kimberlite supply on the Kamfersdam Diamond Mine site. He explains the process of crushing to extract any diamonds and other gemstones.

Remnants of Earlier Mining Activity

Eyal showing old historic mining equipment used before 1914, and later by De Beers Mincing Corp.

Kamfersdam Diamond Mine - April 2023 Aerial Update

Work continues at the mine, with the secured front gate area and the perimeter road and security fence.

Recap Part 2: Progress at KDM

We're moving dirt, by the truckload!

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