Diamond Rok: Video Updates February 2023

An introduction to Diamond Rok’s Kamfersdam Diamond Mine, and some recent progress on the site.

Tour of Kamfersdam Diamond Mine

Diamond Rok managing director, Eyal Bafri, gives a tour of the planned facilities at Kamfersdam Diamond Mine.

Kimberlite Stockpile

Processing the stockpiles, left over from the original mining of the site from the 1880s to 1907. By using modern mining techniques, including jaw and cone crushers, it will be possible to find diamonds that were missed by the less sophisticated technology of the previous centuries.

Diamond Rok: Staff Facility Setup

Diamond Rok’s Managing Director shows the way around the mine and the way facilities for local staff are set. High standards and safety are a priority at Kamfersdam Diamond Mine.

Hands-on Experience in Searching for Diamonds

An interview with a local diamond miner. The family working man explains his ways around his job as well as demonstrating a hands-on diamond mining process.

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