Crypto — Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to Crypto (Warning: It’s addictive!)

Are you interested to learn about a new technology? Are you ready to commit time to learning?

What Will You Need?

  1. Time – Crypto takes time to learn. The learning curve is steep. You will need to spend hours and days watching YouTube, reading information, data, and making an effort to understand a new type of investing. The industry is constantly changing - so you will need time to keep learning.

  2. Network – This crypto journey is easier if you are in the right communities. The 10 Bagger Club’s Discord server has several crypto channels with members who are commencing their crypto journey too. There are multiple groups on Twitter, Telegram, and most social media sites you can join. Ask our members for their favourites. Hot tip - use the Discord search function to find old discussions between members about various topics, your question has probably been asked already.

Don’t be shy, ask silly questions within our network – it will speed up your crypto journey.

  1. Patience – initially crypto can be frustrating, as you are constantly learning and trying something new. Having the patience to learn, deal with change and also riding out volatility is a must. Don’t be surprised to see your portfolio swing 70%.

We have assembled some links for:

  1. Beginners’ information on crypto/blockchain, and
  2. Terra Luna ecosystem:

Intro to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology

Understanding the Cryptocurrency Market - Blockchain Technology Explained

Crypto Tokenomics vs Equities (stocks)

Tip: Crypto is very different to Equity investments/stocks. Prepare for change.

Token Valuation the Misunderstood Importance of Token Economics

What is Decentralised Finance - DeFi?

DeFi: The Next Frontier in Consumer Banking Infrastructure

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