Three New Stocks Hit Record Highs - Fresh 10 Bagger Calls Imminent

10 Bagger News

Despite the market winding down for the Easter break, three of our stocks hit record highs last week: ENX, CHN and ETH.

Enegex -

Was up 50% this week to make a new high of 11 cents on news that it had acquired more, large and prospective tenements in the middle of the booming West Terrane PGE region near CHN’s monster new PGE nickel hits.

With its market cap is still only a tiny A$15 million. The valuations of its surrounding (smaller) tenement holders are: CHN A$1.8 billion (drilled and hit), CVV A$71 million, MAN A$50 million, PUR A$59 million. The large new tenements just went into ENX last week, so maybe the market is not fully aware of it yet. We feel ENX should now be sitting at least at a $20-25 mill cap. (14-17 cents). And so is still cheap despite its rise last week on the news.

The only issue may be that the company is quite low on cash so the market may fear a CR raise on the horizon? ENX is now also looking like a promising take-out or JV candidate for a bigger company?

Chalice -

Has powered further north on more good results from Julimar and an expansion of its new project portfolio. The stock hit a new high of $5.55, up 2,313% since we first called it last year. We recommend a hold for those earlier members who are free-riding it. We don’t recommend a buy here, only because we see better upside potential elsewhere. DanaKali DNK.AX Good news is advancing on the financing side but, being somewhat involved, we are legally behind the Chinese wall and so can’t say too much more publicly just yet. The company has to announce it first.

Meteoric -

Announced that its drill head is now 400 meters deep and hitting the top of the giant EM anomaly they identified under their porphyry gold/copper site in Brazil. All indications so far, look promising. So, fingers crossed and we may hopefully get some good news in the near future. MEI could well be worth a speculative punt right now because any promising news could turn this stock into a rocket ship, but if the drill news is dud, It does not have far to fall back - based on its other good gold assets. It has a decent risk-return ratio now.


Our recent stars,, King Island, and Mandrake all had a slow week consolidating their recent gains.

New 10 Bagger Calls Imminent

We’re working on a few potential new 10 bagger deals in some small ASX juniors now - all are getting close but not over the line yet.

The schedule for all three is out of our hands but they are all looking imminent. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have something concrete to say.

Multibagger News

Invictus -

Had another strong week after raising A$8 mill, and signing a Petroleum Exploration Development and Production Agreement (PEDPA) with the Zimbabwe government. The shares hit a high of 18.5 cents and closed at 17. Stoaty is no doubt revelling in the slow orgasm of being one of its largest shareholders.

Bryah -

Fell back a bit after its spike-up rally last week based on the surprisingly rich gold hits at its Gabanitha site. However, to us that was just an extra, the real story is when they go to drill up at their Windallah site, and that should start in about three weeks so expect a nice little rally leading up to that. If it happens, we would strongly suggest taking your start cap at least -back out if you haven’t already. Or if you got in on the PP last December and got the free options then consider selling all your shares and letting the free oppies ride.

Crypto Corner

ETH broke out to new highs this week reaching US$2,140. Looking like it could go much higher. We still hold a year-end target of over US$7,000.

BTC is still in a consolidation phase and having a hard time to break out into highs over US$60,000. We still foresee at least a double from here by year-end.

Club News

Our main Discord server finished the quarter with 572 members. The channel rejigs should hopefully happen this week, setting up Discord with more channels for further growth.

The Quarterly report will come out shortly.

We hope you’re all having a fun Easter break.

Disclaimer: No financial advice given. You are encouraged to do your own research (DYOR) on the above mentioned companies and their strategy/progress and make your own financial decisions.

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