Another Stellar Week in 10 Bagger Land With Plenty More In The Pipeline…

10 Bagger Calls

King Island -

European Royalty enters the register as the share price climbs to all-time highs of 33c, whilst our free KIS options (KISOs) hit 22c, also a new high.

Dachs Capital AG emerges with 6.81% of the company after injecting $4 million at 20cps. Backers of Dachs Cap include Prince Michael of Liechtenstein and the Red Bull king, Dietrich Mateschitz. He’s worth a lazy US$25 billion at last count.

Welcome billionaire investors! We continue to wait for financing updates and options.

Element 25 -

Hit a new all-time high of $2.74 before closing out the week at $2.68 The company is just days away from first production at Butcherbird. Coverage in Germany from: The Gold Report, Gold Seiten & Der Aktionar all helped with the price rise.

Over 750,000 shares ($2m worth) traded in Germany Friday night so slowly people are becoming more aware of E25 and its potential.

Firebird Metals -

IPO at 20c trades as high as 64.5c on day one - a 200% gain for those who hunted down stock before the prospectus was issued.

We’ve referred to this company as E25 2.0 for a while now. The project looks great and at 50c still only has a $25 million market capitalization.

Anyone with a 6 – 9 month view, could buy these, lock them away and forget about them. The company will move fast to prove up a reserve and PFS and off-take in a similar way to E25, mentioned above.

(For those that read the fine print… we are close to securing some financing opportunities for what we call E25 3.0)

Errawarra Resources -

Free option issued to shareholders, these should trade within weeks under their own ticker symbol ERWO.

The share price held up very well at 28.5c after it went ‘ex’ for the option. Nickel EM surveys continue at Fraser Range, backed by NewExco exploration team, we are in very capable hands

Deep Yellow Option -

Uranium stocks go nuclear on the ASX! DYLO last traded at 24.5c, a solid rise for the week up from 16 cents low.

Other 10 Bagger Updates

Danakali -

Ongoing finance discussions continue with various parties. A commitment for USD 80 million more under discussion.

Mandrake -

Consolidating after a strong run, drilling soon, (we note Chalice broke through $5 last week, a new high)

Meteoric -

Are drilling into the huge anomaly under their copper gold site in Brazil right now, first results should be out within a week or two. Fingers crossed.

Bitcoin - BTC

Hit $61,683 through the week, currently at $58,610 and consolidating. It remains a strong buy for us on dips. As does ETH.

New 10 Bagger Ideas

Members Calls

A quick hats-off to member TonyM/MonopolyMoney for making his multibagger call on crypto coin Terra (Luna) at $1 last month. It just hit $21.5 this week for a 20 bagger in less than 8 weeks! This the fastest 20 bagger we’ve ever seen in the club. Great call! Terra Luna coin is now up over 15,000% in the last year! Some of the smaller altcoins are running white hot right now, It’s great to see we now have quite a number of knowledgeable members pumping out quality info on the Bitcoin-Crypto channel. Good luck to you all.

Club Updates

Updates and potential new 10 bagger calls and opportunities will continue through the week on Discord, so for those reading this who haven’t signed up … we suggest you do so as soon as possible.

495 Members are now on Discord.- should break through 500 members early next week. For the moment we are leaving the joining fees as they are.

Videos coming soon.

A big welcome to all new members.

Have a prosperous week.

Disclaimer: No financial advice given. You are encouraged to do your own research (DYOR) on the above mentioned companies and their strategy/progress and make your own financial decisions.

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