The 10 Bagger Club Portfolio Continues To Strengthen

10 Bagger Official Calls

Mandrake -

Started Monday with a strong move up to a new high of 17.5 cents on speculation about its drill rigs soon heading off to drill into its very prospective Newlyline tenement near’s Julimar site in W.A. The huge nickel/copper/PGE hits in the Julimar site caused CHN to rise from a similar A$15 million small-cap just like MAN, into A$ 1.5 billion cap company in under 12 months.

MAN’s tenement is just 29km away from the big Julimar site and sits in the same Jimperding metamorphic belt. So far, from the evidence of its EM surveys and 185 surface and rock chip samples to date it appears equally as, or more prospective than Julimar did.

This latest rally means those members who bought MAN, when we first called it at 1.2 cents are up 1,400% on their investment already. And most are free-riding now.

Last week we suggested those newer members who bought MAN later, should sell some of their shares into this coming pre-drill rally to get their starting chips back, we hope you have, but don’t sell more than that -or 50%, because, if, (as seems quite likely), MAN’s drill rigs do hit prospective massive sulfides, the host for the bounteous copper/nickel and PGE metals found at Julimar, MAN’s share price could rocket much higher, and fast.

Element 25 -

In last week’s wrap we also speculated that E25 should soon manage, on its 4th attempt, to break above the $2 level resistance that it had tested and failed to breach 3 times already over the last 3 months. That’s the same as it did when it challenged its 1$ resistance ceiling later last year. And last week, hallelujah!, It did. It then ran on up to a high of $2.14 and closed the week at $2.10. E25 is now up 1,760% since we first called it a strong buy at 11 cents last April. It remains a strong buy to us, and we are not even calling for a free ride sell yet as we expect the shares to go much higher still. Our final target is over $10.

King Island Scheelite -

Finished the week with a trading halt as news that a big European cornerstone investor was coming in for a A$ 4 mill placement at 20 cents. There is another A$1 mill of that PP for the market, which Hugh at Mac Equity Securities has got a large part of. However, he already has over A$ 5 million of demand on his books for it, including a big Sydney insto that wants it all! We have asked Hugh to hold A$ 250,000 of that extra placement for those 10 bagger clients who have opened accounts with him already. If you have we strongly recommend taking some of this private placement. Please contact Hugh to book some as it’s not already closed.

We expect a strong rally in KIS next week - hopefully to over 30 cents. We are hearing rumours that the new cornerstone investor is a well-known European investor but so far he’s hiding his name behind a Swiss co. We are informed that if news gets out in the European market about his investment in KIS we can expect good European buying in this counter as well as local Ozzie buying. KIS is getting increasingly tightly held and with less loose stock and more demand coming, we see it moving much higher in the near to medium term.

Other good information on KIS is the fact that last weekend the Tasmanian state minister went down the mine for a mass tweet about how the government will support the mine. Such overt actions from a publicity-seeking minister kind of makes us very confident that the next federal grant of between A$15-20 mill should soon be forthcoming (Note: We said grant, not a loan, like the last one from the state government but grant - as in almost free money!) If a 10 mill state loan moved the stock up 100% think what a bigger federal grant should do?

Also, we also hear rumours that the debt financing to fund the Balance required for KIS’s full-plant build-out is also nearing completion and could be announced soonish.

With these three above bits of news/rumour hitting the market soon, we can see the KIS sp heading as high as 40-50 cents a share over the next few weeks. As we have already suggested you drop some at the 26-28 cent level to free ride a few weeks ago when it ran up before to in strong volume - We are now suggesting you all try and hold till 45cents ++ or indeed buy more in the PP if you can get it, or get into the market fast on Tuesday to get as much more as you can below 25 cents.

KIS was suspended at 22.5 cents on Friday and should resume trading after the CR at 21-22 cents next Tuesday. Be ready to grab some with a 4 to 6-week view (and hopefully less).

Firebird -

It’s forthcoming IPO at 20 cents, should start trading this coming week, on Friday 19th March. Our view is it should open up in the mid-20 cents level, and there should be some selling of the free shares given to parent Firefly’s shareholders. If you do decide to invest try to buy that stock early in the mid 25 cents range if possible, as after the market takes that free holders paper out, we foresee this share going up towards 50 cents quite soon after the IPO.

Errawarra -

Our second latest 10 bagger call moved higher again during the week to close up 30% since we called it at 25 cents 2 weeks ago. We expect it may keep climbing towards March 22 when the new free loyalty options are issued. It may then fall back a bit. For now, our strategy is suggesting you collect while we all wait to see what the results of their EM survey on their potentially prospective tenements in the Fraser range show. If they are hopeful this will move much higher, if not it should retreat to stay in the mid-twenties level.

Then we will await a new asset vend into the company. We are in discussions with them now about that, as are some other groups. In short, this company still has a very small and tight share structure with only 37 mill shares on issue and A$ 4.5 mill cash, and a very low market cap of only A$10 million,($5 mill EV). So this is a perfect target company for people to vend good projects into. We remain very comfortable suggesting you gently collect this share under 30 cents. Don’t chase it higher as after March 22 it should hopefully soften again.

We also remain in positive negotiations with our latest (provisional) 10 bagger call (name not mentioned here as this Weekly Wrap also goes to other non-paying followers of other media’s. We still urge club members please not to buy it yet as we believe we are very near to obtaining a placement with a free option deal for members soon. If the share price goes higher from on-market buying, (as it did before) we shall have to walk away from the deal. That could leave this company with little cash and in danger of a suspension from lack of activity. Therefore those who buy prematurely before the CR is confirmed may end up getting stuck in for a very long time! So please wait. If we get the placement it will be exclusively for 10 bagger members. Then, when that’s settled we can tell you of some interesting plans we have together with this company.

Deep Yellow (Option) -

This was still a bit soft after the lower price cash raise, It closed the week at a soft 16.5 cents. But we see anything under 18 cents on DYL as a good level to collect a few more as the next rally in this option, and other potential uranium plays should come soon enough! For more info on the expected uranium shortage see the new uranium channel on Discord.


Again a myriad of very interesting multibagger calls came from members this week. We do not have space here - nor think it’s appropriate - to mention them all, as that is for members only. For more info please check the information out on discord’s general, multi and 10 bagger calls channels.

We can mention Stoaty’s IVZ.AX, as that oil exploration story in Zimbabwe, has already been run around the paddock for a few months now. IVZ closed at a new high of 10.5 cents last week up 100% since Stoaty started sharing about it here. Well done big-balls.

We can also mention yet another good multibagger call from @lunu in BRK Brookside Energy (and more specifically in BRKOB options) which he first advised us to buy over 2 weeks ago, BRKOB its option which he suggested to buy, is now at 0.011 cents up around 130% since he suggested it 0.004 cents. For your further info, @lunus latest call is a gas play in Kentucky, and good luck with that call @Lunu. It looks most promising with an 18 million cap and A$12 million of net income already and moving to A$ 24 million with some new operating wells it’s acquiring cheaply. To find out more about it follow @Lunu on the member’s discord site.

Good luck to all the members and their multibagger calls. And thanks to all of you for sharing them in the club. There are some very interesting calls being made. With time we the committee want the club to get more involved in these member’s calls, recently we have all been a bit busy.

Crypto Corner

After its correction, over the last few weeks - where we suggested collecting more - BTC just did its expected break out this weekend - as we were compiling the weekly wrap. It has just moved to a new high of US$ 61,750 per coin. BTC is now up 1,029% since we called it last year which is equally important for us, now means ALL the first 7 official 10 bagger calls we made in this club are now all up by over 1000%!

What next for BTC? Under the old adage - “Show me a new high and i’ll show you a buy”, we now calculate from TA (Technical Analysis) on the charts and its fundamentals, that BTC should now be on run-up towards US$ 74,000ish per coin in the next few weeks before the next correction/rest period.

BTC is also very tradable if you want to gear up to trade it, as it is by far the most liquid ten-bagger we’ve been in (ever!) BTC’s market cap has now moved up to over USD 1.1 trillion!

ETH has not yet made a new high and is lagging BTC a bit, but we fully expect it to soon follow uncle BTC’s lead in the coming days as it usually does.

We still advise a strong buy for both coins. Our target for 2021 on BTC remains well over US$ 100,000 per coin. For ETH, which we don’t understand so well, was hoping for US$ 4-5,000

Club News

We are now up to 447 members on Discord and thousands of followers across social media. The club keeps growing organically and strongly.

We are currently in the process of moving the ownership of the club into a Singapore company to legalise its standing, and to hopefully simplify and improve our banking and fee payment and acceptance possibilities as our membership grows.

We wish you all another very prosperous week of trading.

Disclaimer: No financial advice given. You are encouraged to do your own research (DYOR) on the above mentioned companies and their strategy/progress and make your own financial decisions.

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