Just Another Crazy Week In 10 Bagger Land

New 10 Bagger Calls

Two more potential 10 Bagger stock calls were made this week. However, as this Weekly Wrap also goes out to our many non-paying media followers, we cannot discuss them here. This is because we agreed with the paying members on Discord - the A-team - that we shall not discuss our calls on any other media for at least 10-14 days after we make them, to give A-team members first dibs to accumulate them.

The new issue we encountered acutely this week is that as the 10 Bagger name is spreading fast around the ASX market, it makes our job of arranging cheap private placements (PP) for members much harder. As if word inadvertently slips out that 10 Bagger Club is coming into a stock, the price now runs up before any cheap PP can be confirmed.

Your committee was extremely encouraged by the response of members as to their calls and suggestions this week. And again, we reiterate that if we can work as a team, and the committee can explain to members what is going on and why, and trust you all to not charge in and buy the price up, then this growing trust can become an extremely powerful asset. We thank all members for being cool and understanding the issues that befell us this week, and for being patient for the other teething issues we’ll surely encounter as we further evolve.

We in the committee also learned from those same issues this week – such a problem was not extant before when we were a smaller, less well-known club. But fear-not, the committee is already coming up with some cunning potential tactics and solutions. But this is no place to discuss those now; we’ll do that amongst members on Discord.

The Club Is Evolving Well

We continue to work to improve it and add better features, functions and practices when appropriate. The knowledge bank and brain trust amongst the members is becoming admirable. And it is growing each week, just as we envisioned when we first established this club.

Some Philosophical Points

As it’s evolving, we now see this club as serving members with two distinct functions:

The good consequences are more opportunities to 10x.

The bad consequences are:

We know not all members have unlimited funds, and you simply can’t invest in all the calls.

We are maybe losing focus and power in some calls as new ones crop up.

Therefore we shall do this current crop of deals we already had lined up for this year then, later, we can dial it all back a bit and concentrate on fewer deals, less often, where members can get better set early on, and we can concentrate on progressing fewer deals better.

To do that we ask for patience from members. You can see from the evidence from our first 13 months - (and those who know us for the last 30 years!) - that we can deliver 10 baggers. Plus those earlier members who have got in at the bottom of several can also now see how damned lucrative this game is when it works well. So we soon intend to slow up a bit more to get the deals righter so, in the end, we should all hopefully make as much or more, but hopefully in a simpler less stressful way, and giving us all more time to chillax or party, etc. which is what this club is really all about.

For us 10 Bagging is about not working too hard; it’s about finding good deals, and making enough money to live freely and prosperously. Trust us, be patient, and we hope to get you all to that stage soon enough. Those who start with just $10,000 to invest can soon become $100,000 investors and then $500,000 investors, etc. It doesn’t take too long.

10 Bagger News

Two more 10 Baggers (though one is currently a ”provisional” 10 Bagger) were called this week. But as stated above, they won’t be discussed here this week. For more info on the two new 10 Bagger calls please refer to the Discord server.

Mandrake - MAN.ax

Was the star of the week, rising 90% in the week to a high of A$0.175 and closing at Friday an all time high of A$0.17. MAN it is now up a kick-ass 1,400% since we first started buying it big at 1.2 cents last April. With the pre-drilling hype here, which we explained would come a couple of weeks ago, this stock could go even higher before the drill heads hit the ground. If so, we advise dropping some - from here on up – but not all, maybe half? Because if they do hit massive sulphides (indicative of PGE), this stock could really fly much higher - and it could even 10x again from here.

Element 25 - E25.ax

Pushed again on the A$2 ceiling again early in the week for the third time and couldn’t break through. It fell back at the end of the week again. It did the same at the $1 level, tried and failed to break it three times, and on the fourth attempt broke through and promptly ran up to $1.50.

Danakali - DNK.ax

Has softened a bit. Please be aware this is a big company. However, it has a world-class and deeply undervalued project. Whilst it will probably move more slowly up compared to the much smaller new stocks (like our last two 10x calls) - it has serious fundamental asset backing. So if the general markets do fall out of bed, this counter should retain its value (or should we say undervalue?). We love this project long term.

King Island Scheelite - KIS.ax

With the Tasmanian federal minister going down into the actual KIS mine to shoot a video and mass-tweet it tells us that for sure the next federal grant can’t be far away. Clearly he’s trying to mine his own brownie points from the coming grant. Therefore we suggest members start recollecting this counter down here.

Meteoric Resources - MEI.ax

Is looking potentially interesting again now too, after a soft period. Speaking to the CEO on Friday, the first of their 3 deep drill holes in Brazil was just above their anomaly at 400 meters deep on Friday. So fingers crossed for some good news when the assays come out in the next few weeks, as MEI could well be the next new 10 Bagger in our portfolio.

Deep Yellow Option - DYLO.ax

Has softened a bit after the successful cash raise the company did cheaper down; it should turn round and recover soon. We still are convinced the uranium shortage and price rise are on their way, we just don’t know exactly when.

Multibagger News

Bryah Resources - BYH.ax

Is looking a bit unloved now and has slipped just below its original call and PP price. They are now just waiting for their drill rigs, and then this counter should also start to move soon. We feel it’s a good time to pick up more stock down here under 6 cents. Remember the old adage, “Buy them when you hate them; sell them when you love them”? It works almost every time.

The free BYHOs (options) from the PP have now been issued, and the company is now applying to the exchange to list them separately from the heads. They will soon be listed.

Many other good multibagger calls were made during the week, but we have no time to go into them all just here (and to be real honest, we were too damned busy to look into them all in the week). That is why we are setting up a new way of dealing with members’ calls as discussed last week on Discord.

Crypto Corner

Another correction is underway in BTC and ETH. We see this as another buying opportunity, as we still hold a year-end target of over US$100,000 for BTC.

Latest research from MM crypto now shows that 78% of BTC supply is now being hodled by instos, etc. That’s 14 million of the existing stock of 18 mill BTC now illiquid. Only 4 million remain in the market for trading and buying, and those are also slowly getting taken off the market by new hodlers. As demand for BTC continues to grow, with an estimated 96% of the world still owning no BTC yet, it does seem much more likely that the price discovery solution for BTC is for it to keep moving higher.

We also see ETH going significantly higher this year (hopefully over US$ 5,000). However we would also advise members to collect more ADA (Cardano), as its speed and efficiency compared to ETH may even see it outgrow ETH in market cap this year.

Disclaimer: No financial advice given. You are encouraged to do your own research (DYOR) on the above mentioned companies and their strategy/progress and make your own financial decisions.

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