Five New 10 Baggers Identified!

The great news this week is that we can now tell members that we have now found 5 new potential 10 bagger stocks for this year. They can start kicking-off within a week through to two months. So this could be yet another ripper of a year for the 10 Bagger Club. And we still have 10 months left this year to locate even more deals!

Here’s a Summary of These New Deals

We are naturally unable to give out names right now of the other existing listed stocks or their price will jump before we can organise a way for members to get set in them.

  1. The first and only one we can mention the name of is Firebird Metals which has opened its IPO prospectus. Unfortunately, our applications and hunt for shares in this IPO has got us almost nowhere due to massive demand. The organisers are taking all the stock and we have been unable to secure a general allocation for 10 baggers. For more details read the IPO section below.

  2. The second one we’ll call ASX-X for now. It’s a small ASX listed microcap stock with whom we are currently negotiating with the management to allow 10 baggers to do a placement in it to get members set in it cheap before we can identify publically. Negotiations are going well.

  3. The next we’ll call ASX-Y. It is one of the tightest shell companies on the ASX. We have been in negotiation with the foreign owners to join them in the company for 3 months already. We have a great project to put in it. We are currently offering to do a placement with them of A$1 million (or more) at 2-3 cents to allow all 10 baggers to get set and we want a seat on the board. The owner is a big monolithic government corporation so it’s slow going but negotiations are advancing now.

  4. Alias LondonCo, this is a beauty, it’s listed in London but on the national stock exchange. The owner is one of our old colleagues who wants the 10 Bagger Club in with him. They need first to get it listed on the AIM market in London, then we can cash up the company and get in. A big Austrian project will then be injected into the company which should make the share price fly.

  5. And with luck this one could start next week. We’ll refer to it as AfricaCo for now. It‘s a big company and big project and one that we can fit all 10 baggers in. It’ s an ASX listed company with a massively undervalued project in Africa. The company has contacted 10 Bagger Club to see if we can take out a big seller as a block and then help promote the stock to better reflect its true value. It is currently at 40 cents. But It should be sitting at $1.20, The same company was at $6 a few years ago, with the same project. The only issue is there is some political risk involved in the country.

We are now negotiating with some billionaire investors to join us in this project. But more and more, as this club goes from strength to strength, we are just thinking to just do it all ourselves. We shall have more info for you all this coming week.

10 Bagger News

King Island Scheelite -

Performed well this week. We expected it to fall back further to around 19 cents after its strong run up, but some large European funds and other real long term buyers seem to be collecting it now for its next phase going north to 40 cents.

Towards the end of last week came the rumour that KIS management has been invited up to the US embassy. The US military badly needs high grade tungsten and Dolphin mine looks to be the only possible source outside of the communist countries. The US is not allowed to buy critical or military metals from communist countries by law. If the US government comes in on some offtake agreement the KIS the stock would get very jiggy!

Unfortunately the speculated, bigger CMFO federal grant may not come as soon as we hoped. It could drag on till next quarter as big government bodies are infuriatingly slow. This may take some of the wind out its sails in the short term. However, we still confidently foresee this counter going to the 40 cents level, we would recommend buying it again if it gets to the low 20 cents levels.

But even better is to now buy the KISO – the options which are now trading at a 3-4 cents discount to the share price, ie: buy 1 option at 10 cents (+10c to convert) = 20 cents and you have a share you can sell at 24 cents. Or you can own twice the amount of options for the same money. Which, if you believe KIS is going up gives you twice the gain!

Energy 25 -

Carries on getting its new mine nearer to production. We are expecting the E25 share price to break through the $2 mark anytime soon. Plus we still bullishly await the announcement from some big Asian battery maker for some form of JV which will kick the stock waaay north. Stay in this stock its going much higher.

Meteoric -

Started drilling on Friday into the 500 meters deep EM anomaly below their Jurena property gold copper deposit in Brazil. This anomaly is a giant, 1 x 2 km in size. If they can hit what the geologists think is there, this stock will explode up to 10-20 bagger status. It’s probably worth getting a few more now, just in case, as the downside from here is not great if they find nothing, but the upside potential is huge if they do.

Deep Yellow (Option) -

Had a sharp spike-up on Thursday to 28 cents from 12 cents just a week ago. This was on the back of a very small move up in the uranium price mid-week, then it fell back Friday and so did DYLO and underlying DYL. But the speed with which DYLO rose shows again that when the uranium price does break higher, which the markets expect it to do in 2021, then this counter will rocket higher fast. Our only potential worry is that they may try to do a cash raise soon. DYLO is now up 130% in under six weeks since we called it.

Multi-Baggers: New Groups Are Reaching Out To Us

We have recently been approached by four other notable stock promotion groups in Oz who are now reaching out to try to work with us. We have been happy to accommodate them to see if things can benefit us both the short and long term. But we are now waiting to see if they just talk the talk or actually walk the walk.

Bryah Resources -

This also leads us onto BYH. This above group played in KIS and made good money, and said they want to work with us on BYH. The good news for BYH holders is that this group then told us they wanted to move onto BYH to increase the share price next as it is a ridiculously undervalued company. We have agreed to work with them on that in a month or so when BYH moves to start redrilling in their prospective Windallah site. BYH is still capped at just A$9.5 million. We think it can easily move up to sit at A$30 mill or more cap.

Comet -

Agreeing to work with another notable group in Australia is also the reason we suggested members look at or pick up some CRL last week. This other group expect a big asset injection into the company soon and say they will move the share price significantly higher after that. They invited us to join them in buying and tightening up the stock beforehand, which we have done. We are now waiting to see if they can do as they claim. If so that is another group we can work with on our 10bagger deals in the future.

Allegiance -

Another group, who, like us, rely more on analysing future fundamentals, rather than more on promotion, contacted us to join them on AHQ an ASX listed metallurgical coal company in the USA. By all analyses this company is extremely undervalued at A$82 million market cap - given that it looks likely to be making A$ 30 million next year as production starts. This would suggest it should be heading towards A$250 mill cap. The stock started this year at 6 cents and has recently moved up 50% to 9.8 cents and looks like it has considerably further to climb this year.

Crypto Corner

BTC just hit a new high of USD 49,000 per coin. It is now up 800% since we called it last March, and looks like it may be our next 10bagger call to come to fruition. For these not in Bitcoin or wondering how to buy it an easy way is to open an account at Etoro. For more advanced players opening an account with Binance gives you many more options but operating the site is complicated.

Or more simply you can just buy shares in the two listed US BTC funds,

MSTR and SI For myself, I also like to own Nasdaq listed Microstrategy MSTR - the highly geared bitcoin hoard owner. I called it as a multibagger back in October at 169$- it is now up over 500% at USD 1,034 per share having traded as high as USD 1,272, (which it will probably jump through next week.)

Another option is Silvergate Capital SI listed in New York. It’s a Californian crypto bank that I also called it as a multibagger last October at US$16. It’s now done a 10 bagger up to US$169 today! I wish I’d had the balls to call both it and MSTC as 10 baggers. Indeed, even from here having both almost ten bagged - I do believe they can 10 bag again. I continue to hold happily.

ETH, which we called as our first 10 bagger for 2021 on 1 Jan 2021, continues to power up to a new high of USD 1,845 - already up 160% in under 2 months.


This week we also added a new #ipo-and-deals channel here as we are now getting approached by more brokers and companies wanting to offer us financing deals. We have turned away a few already but have now accepted two.

One Firebird is a potential cracker of an IPO but we are fighting, so far unsuccessfully, to get more of an allocation for members in this hot new, massively oversubscribed IPO. For the other, Cosmo, we have secured an allocation. Both stocks are doing their IPO process this week:

Cosmo Gold

We have secured $250,000 worth of stock for members on a first come first served basis. Please See the IPO channel for more details.

Cosmo is raising A$5 million to go and drill a new area on a prospective gold belt. So like all explorers it’s a bit risky. We like this company but are not are not massively bullish on it, but we are offering members, who may want to, the opportunity to buy it.

While any explorer is a very risky bet, what we like about this company is they will only have around 48 million shares on issue, A$5 million cash and a tiny A$ 10 million market cap. So even if they do waste some money drilling a duster the company will still be in good shape to put a new project in and have another chance to go up.

We don’t expect immediate fireworks in the SP but in a hot commodities market like today one never knows. If you do use the form on the site to apply for shares please email your filled in form to so we can know how many members applied. This is for our own information to confirm to the issuer.

Firebird Metals

A new IPO is being spun out of the stock Firefly FFR shareholders are getting 25 million free shares as compensation and they will raise another A$5.5 mill by selling 27.5 million new shares at 20 cents. So in total on listing there should be 54.5 million shares at 20 cents giving the company a market cap of A$10.9 million.

This is a new manganese play near the E25 site with similar characteristics. We roughly estimate the company should be able to prove at least 40 million tons of Mn from its site. E25 have also proven up around 40 mill tons of MN plus have done a lot more work on advancing their project, but today E25 have a market cap of A$245 million.

Therefore, it’s logical that Firebird should run up quite rapidly to a market cap of around A$100 - 150 mill following E25 value. That’s 10-15x their current market cap. So we are now calling Firebird as our next 10 bagger - as soon as it lists.

The problem is the whole market thinks the same and there is almost no stock available. Everyone wanted stock in this A$5 mill raise at 20 cents. We asked for A$2 mill of it for 10baggers knowing we’d be cut back. In the end our broker only got A$100,000 allocation! Unfortunately this amount does not even cover 5% of what our broker, and the first few members who have applied want. So we are not able to offer members an allocation.

So either go through your own broker to ask for some, but we are pretty confident this will be impossible, but if those of you can find some please let us know.

So it looks like we are all going to have to go into the open market after it lists on March 19 to get set. The only good news is with 25 million free shares being issued to existing FFR shareholders, there could hopefully be quite a bit of that free stock being sold in the mid 20 cents during the first week of trading. We will talk more of strategy nearer the listing day.

Club News

Our club is developing well: We are averaging around six new members per day during early February and are now over 400 members.

So a big welcome to all our new members from last week.

More importantly to us the quality of our members is high. For this we are grateful. It’s amazing how a simple USD100 entry fee, keeps away the unserious people and riff raff who clog so many other stock sites.

More encouraging is we are also getting some of the bigger players in the ASX joining our club. Group leaders, brokers, investment bankers and two leading corporate lawyers in the market. This is encouraging because we know such people have an excellent deal flow coming across their desks and as they understand the style of the club we hope to be offered to join in more and better deals by them.

A New “Trades” Channel

At the request of several members we shall start a new channel called “Trades”, which shall simply identify a list of our current “best buys”. This is so new or any member can just go straight to see what our preferred calls are at any given time, instead of reading through the reams of other information on our growing site.

A Discord Orientation Guide

Shortly we hope to post a simple guide to the different channels, what they are and how they should be used. It will be much appreciated if members try to keep their appropriate posts to the relevant channels. This makes it easier for all users.

Even more channels? Some members have asked for a new gold and silver channel. We’ve also had requests for a cannabis stocks channel, a Canadian stocks channel, a US stocks channel, and an emerging markets channel. We had these before but many members complained that too many channels made the site confusing. However, as membership grows, more channels can be appropriate. *Let us know what you think about this in the general chat channel.

Sorry this was so long, and late out, there was a lot to say this week. I wish you all prosperous trading .

Disclaimer: No financial advice given. You are encouraged to do your own research (DYOR) on the above mentioned companies and their strategy/progress and make your own financial decisions.

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