Our First Weekly Report of 2021

Last week we posted our Annual report for 2021 on Discord and WhatsApp.

In summary: the ASX is looking very strong now as money comes pouring back into the market after the year end Holiday. Next Tuesday is Australia Day holiday on ASX. That traditionally marks the end of the hols for lazy Aussies and the new deals and investing get underway during the next month – which is usually a great time on the ASX.

Our New 10 Bagger Calls

Just to summarise we have already called two new potential 10 baggers for 2021. They are:

Deep Yellow (Option) - DYLO.ax

Which are the listed options on Namibian Uranium developer Deep Yellow (DYL listed on the ASX.) We expect this counter to keep climbing on expectations of the coming Uranium shortage towards the end of this year. It’s already up 80% since we called it.

Ether - ETH

The coin for the Ethereum network. ETH is also up 80% since we called it on January 1st. It is currently just getting over a correction phase which we think will soon be over, and it offers a great chance to pick more up right now.

See more details about both in the annual report or Discord.

Multibagger Calls

We have had some good multi bagger calls from members already in the first two weeks of trading. This week we have just started a new channel on discord for members to call multi-baggers. These are shares that members think can go up over 100% but maybe not 100%. Please post any new ideas on that channel.

Laid back local Aussie traders Paul and Kev called Strategic Resources (SOR.ax) at 16 cents 2 weeks ago and it promptly ran up an amazing 506% to 97 cents! Last week it retraced back to 60 cents. But Paul and Kev still like the company’s new AI technology and think the share should move higher again this year.

Surfer Lunu called biopharma drug company Antisense Therapeutics (ANP.AX) and it ran up over 100% in the next few days. He likes the new drug they have created and thinks that this stock can also go a lot higher.

Luna also called mineral explorer Anson Group (ASN.AX) at 3.6 cents which ran up over the next 190days by 300% to 10.5 cents. This co has good assets and needed a revaluation. At 80 mill cap it’s probably well valued now.

We’ve had several other multibagger calls this week, two in Canada from Perpster Deep-South Resources (DSM.V) and E3 Metals (ETMC.V), Thanks Perpster we want to get more US Canadian stocks on our lists. Davepao called out fin tech co Credit Clear (CCR.AX) and Doyle called Vital Metals (VML.AX) Unfortunately the committee has been a bit busy the last few days to check them out properly to make any comments – but other members please do your own research. We will try to check them soon and make comments. Thanks guys! Just keep the tips coming because that is how we find the new ten baggers - just by turning over promising looking stones. I myself am looking at calling US coking coal company Allegiance Coal (AHQ.AX) as a multibagger early next week.

Please In future when posting a multi-bagger give a summary of the main reasons why you think a stock should multibag to help guide the other members in their research or decision making.

Our Existing 10 Baggers from 2020

Many of our 10 baggers also had interesting developments and several made good moves to the north last week as four hit new highs.

Element 25 - E25.ax

The manganese mine developer just released its Q3 report which was outstanding, please check the announcement. They are currently building the plant and are on schedule to start production in Q2 this year. The numbers they are showing on their 3 bases cases are outstanding and show the stock – already up over 1,500% in 10 months since we called it, now looks like it could almost 10 bag yet again from here!

Based on the independent experts figures in their Q3 report we are now upping our target for the stock from $4 to $6-7 within 12-18 months. And this estimate does not include that we suspect the company may well soon do a JV deal with a big Asian Battery maker that could send the stock to the $15-20 level. But let’s look at that case if such a deal happens. We still recommend a strong buy on E25.

King Island Scheelite - KIS.ax

Our tungsten mine developer is moving again (up 200% since members took the private placement in it plus with free options at 5.5 cents last October). Last week I called to find out when the KISO options will be issued to members. I was told that they have them already, but can’t issue them till next week due to a market sensitive announcement coming.

We strongly suspect this will be the first of the Government financing letters we’ve been waiting on. I am guessing that they will not release such big news until after the Oz day holiday on Tuesday. So they’ll probably have a trading halt Wednesday and put out the announcement. If it’s what we think, then we foresee KIS getting a good revaluation upwards towards 14-20 cents. That means if any of you want to try a short-term trade, or want to buy in, you should pick some up on Monday.

In my own opinion it looks like there may be some resistance at 16 cents, as that’s is the last old high on the stock from 2015. (Also bear in mind, in 2005 this stock used to trade as high as $1.25 per share with only this very same tungsten deal in it!)

Therefore, we don’t recommend people sell out before 16 cents just to give it a chance to break over 16 cents if it wants to. Once above 16 cents, the next resistance is 25 cents. However over 16 cents (and the KISO options should then be trading at 7-8 cents) our private placement package taken at 5.5 cents will be worth around 24 cents) or up about 350% . Members can thereafter start thinking about selling a few to get their starting capital back and to free ride it. We do foresee this stock going to 30-40 cents and the KISO oppies to 20-30 cents so if you want to stay long till then good luck and enjoy the ride.

Chalice - CHN.ax

Moved up to a new high $4.92 last week. It’s now up over 2,000% since we called it 10 months ago. This is due to the strong results still coming from their work on their Julimar site near Perth. And they have recently applied for more tenements around Julimar. Free riders just hold on as this counter still looks strong.

The success of Julimar also bodes well for Mandrake (MAN.AX) who have a tenement near Julimar with similar characteristics where the same nickel and PGE metals have been found from rock samples. They also have a juicy EM anomaly to drill into in February. MAN had an issue the last two weeks with a landowner being greedy, but we are told that is all now resolved and they will soon be promoting and sending the drill rigs up to the site for a Feb drill program.

Enegex - ENX.ax

Is now also another possible beneficiary of Julimar’s success as this little shell company with only a tiny A$10.6 mill market cap has also now entered the fray by taking a potentially promising tenement some 200kms S.E. from Julimar. The stock moved 40% higher in the week from 5 cents to 7 cents on the news. We are now watching ENX closely over the coming days. This tiny co has the ability to do a rapid rise now if any good news comes. But they should also need to raise cash soon.

Afterpay - APT.ax

Moved up to a new high this week hitting $1.50 a share. That’s up 1,250% since we called it 10 months ago. APT has now cemented itself as the world leader in the BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) space and is now expanding well in the US/Canada and UK. Free riders keep holding, and enjoy the ride.

Temple and Webster - TPW.ax

Also moved higher during the week almost testing its old highs of 14$. This online furniture retailer is running well on the back of its strong annual results last year. Now up almost 600% since we called it last April. And for us it is only a matter of time now for this share to hit new highs too.

Meteoric - MEI.ax

Softened during the week a bit as the company gets ready to start drilling into the giant anomaly below its gold copper site in Brazil. Well talk to the MD next week and keep you updated. We have big hopes for MEI.

Crypto Corner

BTC and ETH underwent a sharp correction last week after the strong rally so far this year. We expect this healthy consolidation is mainly done now and both counters should move higher soon. We think this correction provides a good chance to pick up some more.

And Finally

Our only disappointing counter last week was Bryah (BYH.ax) this is not one of our 10 bagger calls but should become a multibagger. (But she’s still up over 100% so far since we called it last December). Having taken the placement shares at a good price (6cents), we feel very comfortable sitting in BYH as there is little downside but still a lot of upside as they get ready to send drill rigs to their Windallah site soon. We shall post more on discord during the week on BYH. Holders just hold tight a bit longer. Patience grasshoppers.

Good luck to all of you next week. @Phuket Guy

Disclaimer: No financial advice given. You are encouraged to do your own research (DYOR) on the above mentioned companies and their strategy/progress and make your own financial decisions.

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