Markets Winding Down Pre-Christmas

Unless something extraordinary happens next week, this will be the final wrap up for 2020.

And what a year it’s been.

If someone had told us back in March that the markets would rebound and go bezerk in the way in which they’ve done, we would have called them crazy.

And yet here we are in December, the DOW over 30,000 points and we’ve witnessed multiple 10 bag stocks and been lucky and fortunate enough to have participated in at least a few of them

The portfolio took a bit of a rest through the week: Volumes and interest normally fade slightly with the Oz market starts winding down from now till about mid-Jan.

But maybe not as much as previous years.

I expect deals and trading will continue from the beach house regardless of the festive season

The 10 Bagger Club

Before we close out 2020 we wanted to say thank you all for the support so far.

What started as a small WhatsApp thread between a few of us punters in Phuket, the group grew a bit as the markets recovered from the March collapse.

We got into the rare situation where finding good 10 bagger stocks was suddenly a bit like shooting fish in a barrel for three months.

Over a lunch in Bangkok we decided to formalize it into a website (and Discord site) with the technical help and hard work from @Singe

We will continue to develop and grow the website with more articles, videos, etc. next year. Our intention is to build up to 1,000 people and then on to 10,000 in time, to make a strong and powerful group.

And of course to have fun and make money and new connections along the way.

Step by step we’re moving in the right direction.

We’re not quite sure where exactly yet, but we’ve started walking.

Bitcoin - BTC

Story of the week has to go to Bitcoin which surged through US$23,000 a coin. Controversial, volatile, mis-understood & frightening to some, yet it is has been a star performer this year. Nils certainly showing the fruits of his early entry into BTC. He spent the entire week wining and dining (courtesy of his BTC winnings) with not one but two beauties by his side.

Element 25 -

The MD, Justin Brown, had a brief stint at the hospital Monday. The doctors diagnosis was ‘stressed & working too hard.’ A diagnosis that is music to shareholders’ ears!

Advice from the good doctor was to ‘take a break and have some time off’ Whaaat? We’re guessing the doctor doesn’t hold any shares in E25!

Completely ignoring this advice, Justin returned to the office Tuesday morning to push on and ensure Mn production from Butcherbird commences on schedule and under budget in Q1 2021!

A timely reminder that backing quality/committed management is a key factor when hunting down 10 bagger stock ideas

Meteoric -

Speaking of quality management, Colin shared the video of Meteoric MD Andrew Tunks discussing his Brazilian gold project (shaping up as monster.) What an inspiration Andrew is. Showing passion, drive & enthusiasm that is rare amongst MD’s of other ASX listed companies. So it’s no wonder he raised $4m in about 7 seconds flat including $1m from Tolga Kumova, $2m from legendary investor Keith Biggs and another $1m to billy goat retail mogul Gerry Harvey

Chalice -

After raising $100m at $3.75 last week, the stock ran to $4.44 Macquarie Group placed a $5.50 target on the share price. We can distribute the copy of the research note to anyone wanting to see it.

The stock simply looks exhausted, it needs a Xmas holiday. Closed out the week at $3.77

Mandrake -

No news, no drilling programme, no updated presentation! We have sent an ambulance over to their head office to check for a pulse! What is the missing link here? Mmmmm, shares finished at 7.9c

King Island Scheelite -

The long awaited Dolphin tungsten development on King Island has moved another step closer to production with an increase in reserves significantly increasing mine life and the project’s NPV. The NPV going from $146m to $241 m with mine life expended from 8 to 14 years. The IRR is 43% after a CAPEX of $73mill

Bryah Resources -

BYH is not an official 10 bagger call - it’s just a higher-risk exploration punt that we all got involved in through this weeks’ placement.

BYH are now all cashed up and ready to commence drilling

Member’s Calls

Invictus Energy ( holding steady at 6.1c.

Sensera Ltd ( Had a bad week before staging a late fight back as news leaked of their links to a company based in the USA

Duketon Mining (DKM).ax who hold 5m shares in E25 retreated to 30c

Tesla We are out of Tesla but … for those that care it just keeps going up. US$695 close for the week

Blue Star In a trading halt as they look to acquire more Helium ground in the US of A!

SunMirror AG had lift off in Germany moving from €90 to a €124 high

Danakali -

Anyone with potash/fertiliser experience? We are starting to run the rule over DNK who is sitting on a monster, +200 year mine life, potash project in Eritrea. This project will be the source of global food production for the next two centuries as it develops.

In 2011/12 we got it from 10c to a high of $6.25 in a matter of months (6,000% return.) Can we do it again? Current price 30c per share.

Disclaimer: No financial advice given. You are encouraged to do your own research (DYOR) on the above mentioned companies and their strategy/progress and make your own financial decisions.

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