Another Solid Week for Our Portfolio as Bitcoin Takes a Well Earned Rest

Global stock markets continue to look through the current gloom of lockdowns and focus on the prospect of a robust recovery in 2021.

Almost everything was up. Exceptions were government bonds, gold and bitcoin. Notable moves to the upside were oil, and metals such as copper, nickel and zinc. Copper ended the week at its highest price since January 2014.

10 Bagger Official Calls

Element 25 -

The birth of a giant?

Closing out Friday at all-time highs of $1.295, E25 is looking solid. An announcement released to the market early in the week confirmed the company is on track for DSO manganese production in Q1 2021. Our 4th 10 bagger this year, expect stage 2 production increase numbers to drop at any moment.

These should show an improvement on their already incredible NPV number and unprecedented IRR figure Will E25 be the first 10 bagger to 10 bag once again?

Chalice -

Our 2,000% gainer since March held strong at $3.85 level, confirming a truly remarkable Ni Cu Pt Pd discovery has been made just 70km NE of Perth in Western Australia.

Mandrake -

Had a massive week (up as much as 25%) moving to a new high of 10.5c (breaking through the psychological 10c level). It settled at 9.5c after we called it just 2 weeks ago at 6.5c. There has been big buying from UBS and we have to wonder who is behind this?

Is Chalice the buyer? Independence Group?

Time will tell but someone big is getting set in anticipation of MAN’s exploration licence being granted (imminent) and drilling to commence (January 2021?)

King Island -

Traded most of the week in the 11c range. Management travelled to Tasmania though and we are waiting on funding confirmation/contribution from the State Government.

We expect a re-rate on the back of this and Federal Government funding remains a possibility as well.

Meteoric -

Had a great week despite a slide in gold sentiment. A near 20% rise for the week, moving from 5.7c to 6.8c. We are waiting for new drill results or maybe someone know what they are already…?

Bitcoin - BTC

Rallied hard to a 3-year high of over US$19,000 before taking a rest and settling at US$17,000 level. (still up 30% for the month)

Can it break through $20,000 and head to its 10 bagger potential?

Bitcoin has gained plenty of attention recently having increased around 300% from its lows earlier this year. It’s rise created an explosive week for the Alt Coins too which had huge volatility for those with high risk appetite - some increasing 100’s of % within days.

Members’ Calls

Stoaty’s call Invictus Energy ( dipped below 6c. It remains a solid 10 bagger punt. Analysis by ‘industry experts’ highlighted the high risk nature of the drilling, the country, the government, the oil price, the environment and everything else you could think of!

High Risk? - We didn’t need an expert to tell us that! … Of course this is high risk and that’s why if IVZ hit hydrocarbons when they drill this target in 2021, it’s a 10, 20 or 30 bagger.

And if they don’t, it’s game over!

A high risk, high return punt if ever I’ve seen one. But don’t say we didn’t tell you …

Steven’s Sensera Ltd ( had a late Friday afternoon rally to close at 7.9c after he gave 10 baggers an important update on WhatsApp.

It seems the company’s Covid 19 sensor used in a breath test kit (developed by Harvard) is close to receiving EUA (Emergency Use Approval) from the FDA in the States. Should this happen, you would expect a share price re-rate. We are considering moving SE1 into the official 10 bagger call.

Tesla (TSLA) moved higher … again … from $510 to a all-time high during the week of $598 The inclusion into the S&P500 index will bring in billions of dollars to Tesla shares from the index funds that have to track the S&P.

Tesla has soared over 547% this year and catapulted Elon Musk’s net worth to over $100b, overtaking Bill Gates as the second wealthiest in the world. Luke made an early call on Tesla (nice one Luke) and has now moved on.

I think it’s about time we did too. Good luck Elon!


Debuting this week on the Xetra stock exchange will be SunMirror AG. SunMirror is closing in on a huge Scandi gold project acquisition and they also hold the best lithium exploration asset in Western Australia.

With its sights set on a London Main Board listing, it’s a potential 10 bagger from its current €70 price.


We’ve been shown a pre IPO investment opportunity by ‘the greek accountant’ that quite frankly, I don’t understand. But it has some quality people backing it. It’s a cloud based gaming technology with 40 large telecommunication companies already interested with a collective client base of over 1 billion users.

If there is any interest or anyone here has a clue about tech stocks, let us know and we can distribute the deck.


We have identified a great company on the TSX that we need someone to look into. It’s current market cap is $4m but has liquid investments of $12m.

Angry shareholders have had enough of the money sucking management and want to boot them out. Millions of shares are held in Germany but they are not allowed to vote. It’s called Sulliden Mining Capital (SMC).

This could be a project for members based in Canada that we can all get involved in.

In Other News

We continued to review a number of potential 10 bagger shell companies this week - it’s a work in progress.

MvK posted a great article that Copper ‘has taken the baton from gold.’

Anyone with a copper idea?

Hot Chili (HCH) looks promising?

Those who missed E25 could have a look at Duketon Mining (DKM) who hold 5m shares in E25? Worth investigating for next week…


Did anyone take a 10 bag punt through the week? Or have a solid investment case for an undervalued stock? Let us know what it was/is and why.

Disclaimer: No financial advice given. You are encouraged to do your own research (DYOR) on the above mentioned companies and their strategy/progress and make your own financial decisions.

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