A Solid Week For Our Stocks (and Bitcoin!)

10 Bagger Calls

A summary of our current stocks in the 10 bag stable for the week ending 20th November: A solid week for our stocks (and Bitcoin!)

Bitcoin - BTC

Rallies hard to US$18,758, up from $16,000 at the start of the week (a 17% gain) Nils dropping a report this morning with predictions of it going to $500,000 !!! Citibank now calling it to $315,000.

Chalice - CHN.ax

Released outstanding Ni Pt Pd results pushing it to $3.80 (up from 20c in March) and netting our first 2,000% gain 10 bagger call.

Mandrake - MAN.ax

Moved to 8.4c, breaking out to a new high. This was also a 17% rise for the week on the back of the CHN results above as they moved towards their first drill program . Will MAN be the next CHN ?? 15 cents to $3.80 this year.

Element 25 - E25.ax

Made a strong push through the $1 barrier and never looked back, moving as high as $1.18. 10 Bagger co-founder called it at 11.5 cents in March, so as it passed $1.15 This popped it up out as our fourth 10 bagger call this year! A new market update is expected this week. $10 is Wattomagic‘s outrageous long term target on this one, $3 is our committee’s more conservative medium term target.

King Island - KIS.ax

Touched 13c before a sell off to 11.5c. The management are in Tasmania next Monday week meeting the government. Fingers crossed they can come back with a formal letter re: the potential gov’t funding assistance for the mine. If they do we expect a decent rerate on the stock as the market realizes its serious. Our target medium term remains 35+ cents with the KISO options we got free at around 25 cents should give us another 10 bagger in 2021.

Meteoric - MEI.ax

Is holding steady at 5.7c. Waiting for new drill results. It has great potential but remains a “hold” for us just now.

Members Calls

Stoaty’s call Invictus Energy (IVZ) also had a great week moving as high as 6.5c

After rallying as high as 8.5c on Thursday, Steven Yu’s SE1 got sold off late Friday to finish the week at 7.4C Phuket Luke’s favorite Tesla (TSLA) was admitted to the S&P 500 and made a massive run from $425 to $510 per share as all the index funds were (and still are) now forced to buy it in proportion to its share of the index, it’s up 20% for the week.

In Canada PhuketGuy’s New Found Gold, (NFG) which he got the placement in at $1.30 keeps hitting more and more gold in their current 100,000 mts drill program. (They hit a massive 92.9 g/ton for 19 meters on its first drill hole). Their extensive 105 km2 tenements in central Newfoundland. With C$75 mill in the bank they are well funded to hopefully prove the new thesis that they could be sitting on one of Canada’s great new gold resources as big as the Bendigo fields and the giant Fosterville mine in Victoria. NFG listed first on the Vancouver venture exchange in September just listed last week in the US on the OTC market new code NFGFF. Now at $3.30 having fallen from its $3.95 high, its up 150% in 2 months, and he’s now calling this stock a potential ten bagger, even from here.

Perma-bull on Esprit Holdings in HK (code HK 0330) Mark, reckons the company may be being bought over and turned around. Clothing retailer Esprit which missed the internet retail revolution and its stock has since collapsed from HK$112 in 2007 to a low of HK$ 60cents this year (now at HK$96cents). The company has got rid of most of its stores and is rapidly upping its global online retail presence. It is now trading below its cash levels so the whole business is in effect free. Big local player Karen Lo looks like she’s going for a takeover. Mark’s modestly calling for it to double smartly. Bear in mind Mark has been calling its turnaround ever since I first met him. Even a broken clock… good luck Mark.

In Other News

We continued to review a number of potential 10 baggers shell companies this week.

We checked out potential crapped-out, turn-around candidate QFY week which was brought to us by one member. But ran away fast when we did our DD only to find it was infected with the same blight that kills most crapped-out listed shells in oz, … greedy, lazy, lifestyle directors who rape their shareholders and won’t step aside.

However, We are currently negotiating with a most beautiful ASX listed ‘shell’ that we can hopefully all get profitably involved in. But it won’t happen soon-if at all. More details to come


Wattomagic took a A$ 10,000 complete 10-bag punt the new 88 Energy (88E.ax) capital raise at $0.006 this week. (They have an incredible 8.5 billion shares on issue!) 88E have an upcoming oil & gas drill program in Alaska. If successful, like IVZ it’s a 10 bagger, if not his $10,000 will surely evaporate before his eyes like the 8.5 billion shareholders money did.

He also breathlessly offered us a punt on AAA.ln – All Active Asset Capital. listed on aim in London because “his mate told him”, – we usually need to know a bit more fundamentals than that Paul. I checked it briefly and could find no real info on it other than they say they have a part holding in a casino on the Burma China border – the stock is already up 2000% this year. Speaking personally, until I know more, it looks waaaay too dodgy and risky.

And please anyone else with a legitimate 10 bag potential stock idea … no matter how crazy let us know by mentioning it and telling us why.

Disclaimer: No financial advice given. You are encouraged to do your own research (DYOR) on the above mentioned companies and their strategy/progress and make your own financial decisions.

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