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How to Join

  1. Complete the form, read and agree to our Terms and Conditions
  2. You will then be sent a payment request by email.
  3. The annual fee to join the club is US$200 (non-refundable.)
  4. Pay your membership fee.
  5. As soon as we have confirmation of your club fee payment we shall send you by email an invite to join the 10 Bagger Club server on Discord.
  6. You are now a full club member. Welcome!

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The Membership Fee

This club was formed to assist members to make money, by working together to find more potential 10 bagger investments.

Let’s face it, US$200 a year is not a lot to pay to get several opportunities to potentially make hundreds, or even thousands, of per cent profit on your investment.

We do not offer fee refunds. Then people could join, get all our info, ask for a refund and leave. That’s a theft from our paying members. If after a year you don’t feel you got value, then simply don’t renew your membership. No worries at all.

About The Pricing Structure

At 1,500 members, membership shall be closed and a waiting list created.

A Final Thought

Finding 10 baggers is a game of patience. Like an alligator waiting in a pond, we never know when the next opportunity will show up. When they do, the best ones get snapped up very fast. The real secret to big profits in this game is buying early, at a low price, as this limits your downside risk and more rapidly compounds your percentage gains. Or, as the surfers say, to catch the best waves you have to be waiting in the ocean.