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Why We Mainly Concentrate On The Australian Stock Market (ASX)

by PhuketGuy, July 2021

There are several reasons for this:

  • It is the market we and most members know best, and where the club’s founders made their money. We have strong connections and experience after decades of trading there. So we stick with what we know best, a basic rule in trading.

  • The ASX market is a trusted and well-regulated market, especially at the junior end, and offers easy access for Asian, European and other global investors.

  • Historically, the ASX market has produced a higher percentage of 10 bagger stocks than most other global markets. Other good, liquid, and well-regulated markets for 10 bagger stocks are Canada and the UK.

  • 10 baggers tend to occur more often and more rapidly in the follwowing sectors that are well represented on the ASX:

    1. Resources
    2. Technology
    3. Bio-tech

Members also suggest other international stocks for growth and high yield opportunities. To date, we have called 10 baggers and multibaggers in markets such as the USA, UK, Canada and Singapore.

We would like to eventually trade more in the US markets but feel like comparative outsiders there as we don’t know the players and tricks so well. And as they say, “If you don’t know who the monkey in the market is, it’s you!” Therefore we prefer to invest in the markets we know best, with people we know well and have been successfully trading and doing deals with for decades. Why reinvent the wheel? Especially when the one we are using ain’t broken.

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