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Discord Server Orientation

The 10 Bagger Club Server on Discord can be overwhelming at first glance. There’s a lot of information - we have over 30,000 posts. To keep things organised we have nearly 100 channels which are arranged into categories. Having many channels allows members to focus on the areas that interest them, and ignore those they’re not.

  • active-club-10-bag-calls
    Official club 10 Bagger calls which are active in our portfolio
  • top-10-best-buys-now
    These are our suggested top ten conviction stocks to buy right now. The following list of stocks, our order of conviction about them can change unannounced at any time. So please watch this channel to be aware of such changes. Disclaimer: This list is not financial advice, it's just your club committee's suggestions to those members who do choose to invest in any stock or investment mentioned on this platform. Buying is your own decision. Please do your own research before buying, or seek professional advice to see if such investments suit your risk profile.
  • weekly-round-ups
  • retired-10-bag-calls
    Official club 10 Bagger calls which have exited
  • role-of-honour-who-called-what

    A list of official calls and the members who called them