About the 10 Bagger Club

This club evolved amongst some millionaire former stockbrokers, bankers, and fund managers, living in Phuket, Thailand. Although retired, we still manage our portfolios and use our worldwide contacts to do deals.

In February 2020 we formally started the 10 Bagger Club as a WhatsApp group to share our connections and ideas and mainly to find promising undervalued junior stocks. Fortunately, many of our members made their millions investing specifically in the junior resource and smaller-cap stock sectors, mainly in Australia and Canada – two particularly fertile markets for potential 10 baggers. While we tend to concentrate there to benefit from our decades of experience and contacts, we also invest anywhere in the world where members identify viable 10 bagger opportunities.

Let’s face it, you only need to catch one or two 10 baggers a year to live prosperous and free lives - the main point of this club. And making great returns using only a smaller part of our portfolio, allows us to leave the lower-risk bulk of our wealth to grow in peace.

Unless there is some special situation, we usually don’t focus on bigger, blue chips stocks in this club, as plenty of good information on them is available elsewhere. This is not the case in the small-cap sector which requires connections, information, specialised knowledge and hard work to locate genuine potential 10 baggers early.

Our success attracted many new members till our WhatsApp group became clogged with chat. Therefore, we have upgraded our format using this website and the more flexible and private Discord as our main platform.

We shall continue to grow our membership so as to access more, and hopefully better, global ideas, leads, connections and opportunities. Also, having more members gives us greater financial clout when negotiating private placements or deals with companies we choose to invest in early.

If you do decide to join the club you are under no obligation to invest. However, most members who chose to invest in some of our 10 bagger ideas made hundreds of percent profits last year.