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A 10 Bagger is an investment that appreciates to 10 times its purchase price (a 900% gain). Successfully investing in just a few ten baggers, rapidly multiplies your wealth and gives you the financial freedom to live your dreams.

10 Baggers happen in the world’s stock and crypto markets all the time. The hard bit is identifying them early. That’s what we do.

Our 10 Bagger Club Calls

Below is the performance of all the potential 10 bagger investments we have suggested to our members since our club started in February 2020.


Average call held for 14.3 months.

Investment CallDate CalledPrice CalledExited Date Highest Price
Highest Gain
DEG.ax | De Grey Mining Feb-20 0.050 Q1-21 1.600 3,100 %
CHN.ax | Chalice Gold Mar-20 0.230 Q3-21 9.340 3,961 %
WOA.ax | Wide Open Agriculture Mar-20 0.100 Q1-21 1.850 1,750 %
WOAO.ax | W.O.A. (Option) Mar-20 0.010 Q1-21 1.250 12,400 %
APT.ax | Afterpay Mar-20 11.000 Q2-21 160.050 1,355 %
BTC. | Bitcoin Mar-20 5,465.000 Q1-22 68,789.625 1,159 %
E25.ax | Element 25 Mar-20 0.115 Q1-22 2.900 2,422 %
BML.ax | Boab Metals Apr-20 0.077 Q1-21 0.750 874 %
TPW.ax | Temple & Webster Apr-20 2.000 Q2-21 14.050 603 %
MAN.ax | Mandrake Res. Apr-20 0.013 Q3-21 0.280 2,054 %
MEI.ax | Meteoric Res. May-20 0.012 Q2-21 0.083 592 %
ENX.ax | Enegex Jun-20 0.012 Q2-21 0.240 1,900 %
G6M.ax | Group 6 Metals Oct-20 0.055 Q1-22 0.355 545 %
Average Highest Gain2,516 %


Average call held for 11.7 months.

Investment CallDate CalledPrice CalledExited Date Highest Price
Highest Gain
ETH. | Ethereum Jan-21 720.000 Q1-22 4,891.705 579 %
DYL.ax | Deep Yellow Jan-21 0.190 1.370 621 %
FRB.ax | Firebird Metals Feb-21 0.200 0.845 323 %
DNK.ax | Danakali Feb-21 0.290 Q1-22 0.640 121 %
ERW+O.ax | Errawarra Res. + Option Mar-21 0.250 0.410 64 %
92E.ax | 92 Energy May-21 0.260 1.150 342 %
AEE.ax | Aura Energy May-21 0.026 0.365 1,304 %
Aura. | Aura Energy May-21 0.039 Q1-22 0.230 490 %
EL8.ax | Elevate Uranium May-21 0.175 0.825 371 %
UWEFF. | U3O8 May-21 0.220 Q3-21 0.400 82 %
LUNA1-USD. | Terra (LUNA) May-21 4.600 Q2-22 119.185 2,491 %
KTG.ax | K-Tig Jun-21 0.450 0.550 22 %
ZEU.ax | Zeus Res. Jun-21 0.030 Q1-22 0.115 283 %
IND.ax | Industrial Minerals Jul-21 0.200 0.450 125 %
ORN-USD. | Orion Money Sep-21 0.050 Q1-22 2.270 4,440 %
NXS-USD. | Nexus Governance (PSI) Oct-21 0.010 Q1-22 0.290 2,800 %
AEEO.ax | Aura Energy (O) Oct-21 0.013 0.290 2,131 %
RAGOC.ax | Ragnar Metals (Option) Nov-21 0.015 Q2-22 0.029 93 %
Average Highest Gain926 %


Average call held for 4.0 months.

Investment CallDate CalledPrice CalledExited Date Highest Price
Highest Gain
CLA.ax | Celsius Res. Jan-22 0.022 Q2-22 0.036 64 %
CCC-USD. | Cross Chain Capital Jan-22 0.000 Q1-22 0.000 92 %
FRE.ax | Firebrick Pharma Jan-22 0.200 0.750 275 %
IS3.ax | I Synergy Apr-22 0.080 Q2-22 0.100 25 %
LIN.ax | Lindian Res. May-22 0.058 0.325 460 %
OKR.ax | Okapi Res. Jul-22 0.190 0.340 79 %
Average Highest Gain of All Calls So Far1323 %

The secret to successful 10 bagging is to buy early. To learn about all our new potential 10 bagger picks as soon as they are called, you need to join our club.

The Club’s founders are financial professionals who retired early, mainly by picking good 10 bagger stocks. We shared information as a group for our own investments. As many others asked to join, we decided to open up the club to more people. We know that having more investors sharing information, contacts and financial power gives us all more opportunities to find better potential 10 baggers and negotiate to get invested in them early.

We share research, ideas and chat on our Discord server. Members individually choose to invest in our new calls or not, as they see fit. If you join, you are under no pressure to invest - you can just watch and learn. Since our inception, we’ve probably been one of the best-performing investment groups in the world, and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience, as that drives this club.

The club had a dozen members when we opened in February 2020, we are now close to 1,000. Our members recently voted to limit membership to 1,500. So if you want to join, hurry.

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Some Of The Membership Benefits

  • Immediate access to our “official 10 bagger calls” and multi-bagger calls, plus ongoing research and discussion on them.
  • Access to attractive private placements, IPOs and special deals arranged by the club specifically for members.
  • Live discussions on our Discord server, to share the latest information, research, data, thoughts and tips about individual stocks, sectors and the markets.
  • We have a diverse membership with expert knowledge in many fields who share their experience, research and ideas in sectors including high-yield investments and ETFs, growth stock, metals, mining, technology, crypto, renewables, and more.
  • You get exclusive access to early pre-IPO seed-financings and lucrative direct and private investment opportunities.
  • We have regional club social meet-up groups. You will enter a diverse global community of new friends who help each other out.
  • We can provide introductions to affiliated brokers, assist you in setting up trading accounts, and give out friendly advice on technical issues.
  • Access to interviews with company CEOs via podcasts and videos.
  • Access to members shared economic and stock-specific research reports from banks, brokers and other sources.

Member’s Testimonials

The 10 Bagger Club has helped me start a new life. Working 16 hours a day I was becoming a bad father and husband. I threw a secure job away and started trading then I found the club, it’s helping me learn about a financial world that I have no background in. My conviction is strong, I have dimond hands and my office is now a park bench with an ocean view.

—   MX 

The 10 Bagger Club is a community unlike any other that I am aware of, the quality and range of resources, analysis and insight available from members across multiple sectors from mining to crypto creates a wealth of opportunity for members to make informed and potentially life changing investment decisions.

—   Ironwood 

As a new investor taking every bit of information in that I can, I am so grateful at being given the opportunity to be a part of this club. I’m only small fish, but thanks to the incredible work from the great minds in the 10 Bagger Club, I dream of one day being able to call myself a sophisticated investor. I have learnt so much already, and I sincerely hope I can continue to be a member well into the future.

—   costak7 

The Club disregards the conventional passive approach to investing/funds allocation and identifies specific companies that are small, have a strong business case supported by above average present value analysis and good growth prospects. In the recent past this has been mainly in the resources sector however there are some exceptions.

—   KevinT 

As somebody with little experience in investing before joining the club, I have learned a lot in the 6 months since. Seeing how stocks are picked and the though process behind the calls has been a eye opener. Couldn’t be happier with my decision to join.

—   JC85 

Just join up it will be the best investment you ever make. It’s a game changer. The committee guys are awesome, genuine and trustworthy. I feel extremely privileged to be a member. Catch you on the inside.

—   Meterie  

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